Photography Instruction Strategy Questionnaire

Photography Instruction Strategy Call Application

Before we speak on the phone it would be very useful to fill out this quick application in order to get the most out of your strategy call. It will provide information which will lead to a much more effective conversation.

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First Name*
Last Name*
Your Best Phone Number and Best Time To Call You*
What do you photograph? Landscapes, people, events, etc.*
What camera(s) do you use? (And yes. The camera on your phone counts).*
In terms of your skill level as a photographer, would you consider yourself to be:*
What is your biggest challenge as a photographer?*
Imagine yourself as the best photographer that you can be. What do you imagine? How would your work change? How would you feel about your photography? Would you be a professional photographer or a proficient hobbyist? Add anything else that you feel is relevant.*
If you were working with me as your photography teacher, what would you want to happen that you would define as success?*
How would you prefer to learn photography?*
Are you able and willing to invest in improving your photgraphy skills?*
Are you willing to study and practice to improve your photography?*
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