Student Comments About Sam D’Amico

Student Comments About Sam D'Amico's Photography Instruction


Thanks for working with me to help you with your photography studies and practice. After completing every class or course,  I send a follow-up email that addresses our meeting(s) and includes a link that leads to a page requesting student comments about me,  Sam D’Amico. And this is the page.

Above all, my work is to help you be a better photographer, and I hope I’ve helped you do that. Additionally, your opinion and candid comments are valued because they help me ensure that our time together was effective as possible and assist me in improving how I teach.

And just as I strive to help you be the best photographer you can be, your unvarnished comments help me be the best photography teacher I can be. And your addition to the student comments about Sam D’Amico is appreciated.

Thanks for your feedback.


Student Comments About Sam D’Amico – Some Guidance

Could you please take a moment to let me know what you thought of the structure and presentation of the material covered during the class(es) and how I did as a photography teacher?
Below you’ll find a “Leave a Comment” area. Can you please leave your comments there?
Additionally, you can use the following questions as a guide if you’d like, but don’t feel that you need to stick to a “script”; instead, answer as a narrative, spontaneously and honestly.

  1. How did you work with Sam? In-person? Online? Private lesson(s)? Group class?
  2. If you participated in group instruction, what was the name of the class?
  3. Were there any concerns about taking the class?
  4. Did you get what you wanted out of Sam’s instruction?
  5. What specifically did you learn as a result of working with Sam?
  6. Was there anything specific that you liked most about this class?
  7. What are three other things that you found helpful about this class?
  8. Would you recommend this class? Why or why not?
  9. Can you comment on Sam D’Amico as a photography instructor?
  10. Is there anything you’d like to add?

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