Real and Unprocessed

I like my photographs like I like my food, unprocessed and real.

A photograph is always a “real” photograph but it can be a truthful or contrived photograph.

Truth is easy, contrivance takes some work.

Contrivance can happen pre-production with staging something, or it can happen post production in editing software.

Contrivances that happen from pre-production involve setting up the picture, advertising, posed portraits etc.

Contrivances that happen in post-production are usually computer manipulations and in some cases, like in photojournalism, are unethical.

I’ve always thought that contrivances made in post-production are an attempt to get the picture “right”.

I’ve also always thought that getting the picture “right” in the camera was much more challenging than creating a contrivance in post production and the sign of an accomplished photographer .

Get the picture ‘right” in the camera.

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