Question: What/which is the best Nikon (middle range price) professional photographic camera and which lenses, flash, and tripod are good for professional use?

There is no inherently “best”. There is only best in terms of what works for you.

What you are asking is for someone who knows nothing about you, or the type of work that you do, to take on responsibility for what equipment you should be using/purchasing for your photography. These decisions are your responsibility to make.

Perhaps you’d like someone to decide what you should be photographing and how you should be making the pictures?

In addition, “professional” photography is about using the work that you produce to generate income. This is an “attitude” about how your work gets used and how much to charge for the use of it. This is less about equipment and more about adopting the attitude of “being a professional”.

Do your research on equipment or, if you don’t understand how you should go about deciding which equipment would be best for you, pay someone who will provide you with useful guidance to help you make a decision that is only yours to make.

Here’s a link to help you research→ Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.—

If you wanna pay someone to help you→ Study And Practice Photography With Sam D’Amico—

In terms of being a professional, learn all you can about business, and learn all you can about the specifics of the business of photography.

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