What Makes A Professional Photographer?

Is it having a good eye? No

Is it having a good camera? No.

Is it having excellent skills? No again.

While all of the above are helpful, what makes a photographer a professional is their attitude toward their work.

A photographer who treats photography as a vocation, and not as an avocation, is a professional.

When your attitude shifts so you view photography as your business and not as your hobby you’ll become a professional.

You’ll learn to price your work, you’ll learn to market yourself and you’ll begin to make money doing something that you love to do.

Don’t think of going into photography as a business because you want to do what you love to do.

Go into photography as a business because you want to make money.  Getting what you love to do is a perk.  It’s a HUGE perk, but it shouldn’t be the primary reason that you get into the business of photography.

Be A Professional Photographer.

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