Business Of Photography – Where Is Your Market?

I tend to think of the photography marketplace in two large general categories, the consumer marketplace or the business to business marketplace.

  1. In the consumer marketplace clients will be using my work for personal use.
    • Weddings
    • Portraits
    • Pet photography, etc.
  2. In the business to business marketplace the client will be  using my work for commercial use. I break the business to business marketplace into two further groups.
    • Editorial–These pictures are used to accompany text used  to illustrate a story or to educate.
      • Newspapers
      • Magazines
      • Textbooks, etc.
    • Advertising–These pictures are used to promote a product, service  or brand.

Each of these markets requires a different skill set and approach to pricing.

For example if I were to create a portrait of a client for personal use, and then the client wanted to use that  portrait to promote their business, the client would be required to pay an additional usage fee for the use of that  portrait  in their business materials. That fee would depend on the extent of use.

Learn to identify your market and price your work accordingly.

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