Do You Have A Way To Present Your Photography Online?

During the photography classes that I teach at a The Washington School Of Photography, a photography school accredited by the state of Maryland, students are required to hand in their work on time. That  means presented  in class for review and discussion.

If the deadline is missed, the grade is a zero.

If  a class is missed, purposefully or because of unforeseen extenuating circumstances a student can still deliver their work on time for review and discussion by uploading their work to an online gallery that they have created and  then posting a link to that gallery in the the comments  area of a study  guide.

The study  guide serves  as an online learning resource and discussion area for the class. It’s a way to keep in contact  in between our weekly meetings.

If the student already has a website or an online  presence where they can deliver and present their work it’s  simply a matter of posting their work and them informing  the class via the  discussion area of  the study guide  that the work is available for review and comments.

If you don’t  have a  website or  an online presence  to show your work, now would be a good time for you to get one.

The price is right and  you’ll become more web savvy in the process. I highly recommend getting a FREE PHOTOSHELTER STARTER ACCOUNT.

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