New York Times Writer Decorates Her Apartment With Pictures From Flickr. Thinks “I’m in the clear”.

If I pass  a store  and it has an outdoor  display on the sidewalk, I could take  whatever  is out there,  right?  After all, the display is on a public  sidewalk, so whatever is in public  and easy to take, is anyone’s property,  yes?

Of  course not.  Just  because something  is in public and easy to take does  not mean we could take it. It’s someones property and if you take it, you’re stealing. Sometimes I find the inconsideration of people astounding !  Especially  when people who should  know better are engaging in such behavior and  THEN, using their public platform, encouraging  the masses to join them in their kleptomaniac ways.

A writer from the NY  Times, Sonia Zjawinski, advocates  taking pictures  from Flikr to decorate her  home. A post on the blog  A Photo Editor  titled “NYTimes Advocates Stealing Photos From Flickr To Decorate” [1] has confirmed  that  the disrespect that some people have  for the property of others is unfathomable. Here’s  a quote:

“And if you’re wondering about copyright issues (after all, these aren’t my photos), the photos are being used by me for my own, private, noncommercial use. I’m not selling these things and not charging admission to my apartment, so I think I’m in the clear.”

I think that SHE THINKS WRONG !!!  Unless she has been granted permission from the copyright owner  of  the  photograph(s), she is stealing  (committing copyright infringement) and denying  the photographer who may derive an income from selling prints any  money that they would  have made by  selling that print.

This writer should  be ashamed of herself and charged with copyright infringement by every photographer who  has not  granted her permission to take their work.  [1]. You’ve got to read this stuff to believe it !!!



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  1. I see she has a nice little notice at the bottom of her I heart tripods charity page. Obviously she doesn’t practice what she preaches.

    Here’s a clue: If you post on your page not to use anything without contacting you, then DON’t do it to others.

    I guess if I make copies of those T-shirts then it’s OK? It’s for my own use and it’s not like the charity can’t afford to lose the sale off of one or 2 is it? (Sarcastic, sorry. )

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