Why Aren’t Your Pictures Better?

If you want your pictures to be better you should examine the following:

  1. Do you know enough?
  2. Do you care enough?
  3. Are you uncomfortable/afraid?

Knowing enough is easy to fix. Learn more.

Caring enough is easy to fix. Make sure that you photograph things that interest you.

Being uncomfortable and fear are the killers. Whatever you’re afraid of, or uncomfortable doing, is holding you back. Fear keeps the status quo as does being comfortable. Your photography gets better when you do what you’re afraid of doing or push beyond your comfort zone.

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2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Your Pictures Better?”

    1. Linda,

      In some cases I think fear is helpful.

      I think fear protects us from harm but misplaced fear, especially our fear of failure, or fear of not pleasing others, holds us back.

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