Photographing What You See And Photographing How You See

There’s photographing WHAT you see and then there’s photographing HOW you see .

It’s easy to create a photograph based on what you see.

Photographing what you see  involves getting an average exposure for what you see and framing it.

Anyone could photograph of what they see with a point and shoot camera while working in an automatic exposure  mode.

Since there was minimal personal involvement during the creation of the photograph, you’ll get an average photograph.

It’s a more complex process to create a photograph based on how you see.

Photographing how you see involves a thoughtful process based  on your personal perception and  feelings about what you are  seeing.

Only you can photograph how you see. While working your camera in manual exposure  mode, you’ll use your mind, your personal perception and feelings, all elements of photographic composition, and all your  knowledge  of  craft to distill your entire sensory and emotional experiences into your photograph.

Since there was extensive personal involvement during the creation of  the photograph, and since none of us perceive things in the same way, you’ll get a photograph that only you could make.

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