Being A Photographer – When do we know we’re photographers?

When do we know we’re photographers?

Is it when we have a lot of photography gear?

Is it when we have accumulated a certain amount of pictures?

Is it when we have a certain type of camera?

In terms of writing Steven Presfield says, “A writer is a writer when he says he is.”

The same can be said about a photographer.

A photographer practices photography.

If you’re making pictures, you’re a photographer. If you’re involved with any aspect of your photography practice, your a photographer.

It’s funny, many photographers don’t see themselves as photographers. They are.

Maybe, they don’t see themselves a “good” photographers. I’d ask ’em why?

If they’re judgement of “good” or “bad” is based on their critique of their work, I’d suggest they’re good photographers because they’re actively involved in critiquing their work.

We can always get “better” but that “getting better” HAS to be from the basis of OUR OWN critique of OUR OWN work.

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2 thoughts on “Being A Photographer – When do we know we’re photographers?”

  1. I knew I was a photographer when I wasn’t practicing my photography and realized that was the missing piece in my daily life’s puzzle.

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