I’m Not Paying Attention To The Composition Of My Photograph

When we begin to learn about the craft of photography we may begin to think that that we are no longer paying attention to composition.

Instead of simply framing what we want  in our picture we’re now thinking about focusing, metering, exposure and more.

While attentively framing what we want in our photograph (content) is important, framing and the placement of content is a part of composition that anyone with a point and shoot could do. Framing and content  is just scratching the surface of  photographic composition.

If you’ve a DSLR, or a simple SLR, you have a camera that has the capability  to take you well beyond the compositional basics of framing content.

Although it may seem like you’ve  lost sight of composition because  you are now thinking about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focusing, metering, white balance, flash, lens choice, overexposing, underexposing, etc., you are actually opening your eyes  to a variety  of compositional elements that will deepen the visual dimensions of  your pictures.

Deepen the composition of your pictures

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