Our Cameras…

Our cameras aren’t smart nor do our camera take good pictures.

We, on the other hand, have intelligence and we have the ability to make good pictures.

Our cameras also don’t know anything.

Among some of the things things our cameras don’t  know…

  • What we want our pictures to look like.
  • What we are making a picture of.
  • What  we want to focus on.
  • Whether we are inside or outside.
  • Whether we should use a flash or  not.
  • What’s visually  important  to us.
  • Whether our picture is too dark or too bright.
  • Etc..etc..

We on the other hand, on top of having intelligence and having the ability to make good photographs,  know all of those things.

The only thing that may missing is a basic understanding of  the craft  of photography and how to use our cameras as an expressive tool to get the pictures that we want.

It’s not  as difficult as  you may  think.

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