Make The Photograph Anyway

It seems that there are more reasons not to make pictures than to make them.

I didn’t make pictures because: it was too dark, it was raining, it was cloudy, it was the wrong time of day, I couldn’t find anything to photograph, I was uninspired, I didn’t have time, etc.

If you want to be a better photographer make the photograph anyway.

If there’s not a lot of light and you make the picture anyway, you’ll experience what it’s like to make a photograph under low lighting conditions. If you make the picture anyway, there’s an opportunity to learn.

Make the photograph and learn.

2 thoughts on “Make The Photograph Anyway”

  1. This is true and I agree at lest to advance/learn technically. But, as I read your write up I can’t help to remember what I read a few days ago from photographer Mary Ellen Mark: “You don’t have to shot so many pictures just wait for the moment” and “interpret what you see” via your photographs, don’t just be an observer. Thank you Sam

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