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Join Sam On His Online Learning Platform For Photographers

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Join Sam On His Online Learning

Platform For Photographers

Join Sam's Online Learning Platform For PhotographersBecome A Member Of The Photographer’s Forum

About Me, Sam D’Amico

First, an introduction.

To that end, hi, I’m Sam.
Of course, some of you may already know me from working with me in my photography classes in Washington, DC.

In fact, some of you have suggested that I look into a way to work with you online as a way to compliment your face-to-face studies and practice with me.  Thank you for your encouragement.

As a result of your suggestions,  I’ve created an online platform where we could study and practice photography.

“Sam is a wonderful teacher. He’s direct and to the point.” Georgette W.

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About The Online Learning Platform

In short, The platform is an online learning place for photographers where I’ve strived to recreate the experience photographers get with me face to face during my photography classes in Washington, DC.

In addition, the platform was created in response to the encouragement of the photographers I work with during my photography classes in Washington, DC. 

And, although the impetus for creating the platform was the photographers I worked with during my photography classes, if you haven’t taken a class with me in Washington, DC, this place is for you too. 

Because as long as you’re a photographer who’s looking for some guidance on how to be the best photographer that you can be, this place is here for you, too. 

Specifically, the platform consists of two components that form the foundation of ALL my photography classes in Washington DC.

First, there’s the “Study and Practice” component.

And the second component involves photography critiques and discussions.

Surely, either component is a good way to study and practice. 

However, when practicing both components together, the dynamic created for learning and practicing photography, I think,  is optimal. 

“Sam is absolutely incredible. He has an innate knack for explaining complex and vital photography techniques and concepts in the simplest, most digestible manner you could ever imagine.” – Roxie B.

Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC.


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The Learning Component In The Photographer’s Forum

In short, the learning component consists of groupings based on a specific class that I teach or separate video tutorials based on the classes that I teach in Washington, DC. 

However, these ain’t just a bunch of tutorials. Because, in addition to the tutorials, you can ask questions and get answers by commenting on each of the tutorials. 

And there’s a Q&A area where participants can ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer those questions in the form of video tutorials, audio recording, or just plain ol’ text.

About The Critiques and Discussions

Briefly,  Critique and Discussions is for photographers to give and get useful critiques.  And, through the process of giving and getting critiques, become better photographers.   

And, by providing critiques that offer useful guidance, not baseless opinions, all photographers become better photographers by participating in the group. 

In addition, the rules/guidance outlined create an atmosphere that’s supportive.

Most importantly, both the photographer asking for the critique and the photographers offering the critique are provided with guidelines to make the critique process a learning experience as well as provide a platform that will serve as a way for the participants to become better photographers.   

And, of course, all photographers are welcome regardless of experience or camera used. And yup, the camera on your phone is OK. 

Take a look at the Guidelines For Critiques.

“Sam is a great instructor: he’s very knowledgeable and is able to transfer this knowledge to his students.” Haytham y.

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Is There A Charge To Participate In The Platform?

In short yes.
This is a subscription-based platform.
I’ve based the price on conversations I’ve had with students who feel the price fairly reflected the value of the platform.

—How Are Payments Made?
—Specifically, subscribers billing takes place on the first of each month with a credit card.
And, if you continue participating in the platform billing will continue automatically on the first of each month.
—-Is the payment process secure?
Of course! Payments are handled securely through Patreon.
And, Patreon is the secure platform that makes the platform possible.
—Can I Cancel My Membership?
Of course again! Anytime you’d like.

Become A Patron/Subscriber – How?

Becoming a Patron/Subscriber is easy. Click the yellow button below.

Become A Member Of The Photographers Forum

Any Questions?

Contact Sam.

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