Flash – A Portable Source Of Light That Will Make You A More Versatile Photographer

If you’ve got a portable flash unit, you’ve got one of the most helpful pieces of equipment that you can own as a photographer.

Flash is a brief and variable intensity source of light that you can take with you anywhere and use anytime.

If you’ve only been using it under low light situations you’ve been under utilizing this versatile light. Even when you have plenty of available light you can use your flash to improve your pictures. You can change the light from the flash so it doesn’t look like flash.

You can even use the pop-up flash that’s on your camera. Although not as versatile as a seperate flash unit the pop-up flash on your camera can add light where you need it.

When you learn to work with flash you learn to manipulate light and light is the raw material that we work with as photographers.

Learn to use you flash to make better pictures.


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