The Amateurs Are Ruining This Business

A classic rant by the prolific and award winning writer, Harlan Ellison. Not for those easily offended by coarse language. Replace the word “writer” with “photographer”. I wish more photographers had his attitude. Your copyright allows you to make money with your already existing work, amateurs either don’t understand this or just don’t care.

Who the heck is Harlan Ellison?

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2 thoughts on “The Amateurs Are Ruining This Business”

  1. Econ 101 – if everyone else is doing it for free, no, you can’t charge. And no, they don’t owe it to you to copyright/charge/do jack shit. Many people can produce the work that you produce now, to levels that satisfy your clients or your clients’ customers (regardless of whether they have mastered the old guard’s definition of good/proper photography). They are supposed to copyright their work so that you can make money with work that isn’t of noticeably higher quality or value?! You seem to have a misplaced set of expectations, and sense of privilege, in a capitalistic society.

    Email left out bc this isn’t worth arguing back and forth with you – this argument is laughable to a businessman.

    1. Sure I can charge, It’s my work.

      The copyright to my work gets registered. Not by “they” but by me.

      They can pay or not. They can use it or not.

      If they use it without paying and I find it, I immediately contact the attorney I work with.

      The infringer usually pays MUCH more for their unauthorized use of my work than if they were to pay for a license the use of the work.

      Capitalism is different than opportunism and theft.

      You may be a “businessman”, but you seem to lack an understanding of the business of photography.

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