Digital Camera Sensors-What Is The Difference?

Digital Camera Sensors-What Is The Difference?

A friend has been buggin’ me to help them in selecting a digital camera.
Nope. I ain’t gonna do it and here’s why–>

Recently, she asked me about the difference in digital sensors. Specifically, she asked about the types of sensors; she started ramblin’ off terms like CCD, CMOS, and APS-C. CHEEEEZUS, I’m a photographer not an engineer. Don’t get me wrong, this is important stuff to know when buyin’ a camera, but in terms of my everyday functioning as a photographer, it ain’t knowledge I find useful.

What’s A Sensor On A Digital Camera?

I think of a sensor on a digital camera like film in an old mechanical camera. That is, for the purpose of makin’ a picture a digital sensor ain’t nothin’ more than light sensitive material. In other words, it’s simply a substrate that records light and that recording of light IS our photograph. 

The Importance Of Digital Sensors

When considering that the recording of light that our digital sensor produces IS our photograph then the importance of a digital sensor can’t be understated. And yet, in my mind, it ain’t everything. Because, while we can have the best digital sensor technology available on whatever camera we use,  if we don’t know what we’re doing in terms of photography, technology ain’t gonna help us. On the other hand, if we know what we’re doin’ in terms of photography, the camera don’t matter.

Sensor Technology

When it comes to sensor technology we can consider sensor size, megapixels, and the type of sensor (CCD, CMOS, and APS-C). But here’s the rub, technology changes rapidly. As a result, I don’t feel a need to keep up on this stuff, I’ll just do some research when I need to.

Digital Camera Sensors-What Is The Difference?

There’s a lot of differences and technology changes. When we’re ready to buy a camera we gotta do our research on the latest technology. But, while there are differences, we’ve gotta decide if the differences matter. 
In general, here’s what I know.
Given the same size sensor:
More magapixels=higher resolution=larger output size=more noise.

To my friend who asked the question and to the rest of you readin’ this post, here’s a link–>


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Digital Camera Sensors-What Is The Difference?

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