The Best Critiques…


The Best Critiques…

Does A Better Camera Mean Better Photographs Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC.  


Does a  Better Camera Mean It’s Really Better?

Remember, a camera is a tool that we use to record light.

Nothing more.

Nothing Less.

Some of us might think that a better camera is…

easy to carry and that we always have with us.

has more resolution (megapixels), so we can make larger prints.

has a larger sensor but fewer megapixels.

Some of us might think that a better camera is one that…

The ideas of what makes a camera better are, I imagine, as numerous as there are photographers.

So, we’ve got to figure out which features make it a better tool for us as individual photographers with our own preferences.

So no, a better camera does not make it better because what makes it better is subjective.

Does a Better Camera Mean Better Photographs?

When it comes to sensor size, megapixels, exposure modes, metering modes, focusing modes, cost, etc., these are the things that we should think about when considering a ‘better camera” for us.

We should consider these things because they allow us to have a tool, the camera, that suits the way we work and the quality of the image it produces

However, if we think that “something better” will improve our creativity and understanding and make us better photographers, that’s a mistake.

If we’re not sure what these things are, we should become familiar with them and see if they are important to us or not in consideration of what makes a camera better for us.

Does a Better Camera Mean Better Photographers?

If we’re talking about a camera as a tool that allows more efficiency and fluidity while working with it, then yes, that tool will serve us well and make us more efficient photographers. 

In other words, It’ll be a tool that serves us well.

However, suppose we don’t understand the basics of photography regarding metering, exposure, focusing, etc.; in that case, we can get the most highly rated camera and still treat it like a point-and-shoot.

In other words, we’ll be the same photographer who’s unhappy with our work, but we’ll have a more expensive tool that we don’t know how to use to our best advantage.

In that case, it’s best to learn photography with whatever camera we have, and when we understand how whatever we have limits what we need to do, get one that does what we need it to do. 

Until then, it’s best to learn photography with whatever we have.


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re self critiques.

Our work. Our critique.

Our opinion of our work drives our studies and practice.

In terms of our studies, if we need help, a good teacher will give us guidance based on our opinion of our work and how we feel we can improve your work.

Our practice is driven by the type if work that we like to do and the camera that we use to make photographs.

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