A Brief Conversation On Facebook

A student posted on Facebook that Amazon was picking up her book.

Me- Congratulations. Your work paid off.

Student- Thank you Sam…your class opened my eyes to what my camera was capable of! ūüėÄ

Me-¬†You’ve got it wrong. It’s what you are capable of doing through your camera.

Student –¬†Your right…I forget I’m the one who tells the camera…what it should do!

Me-¬†That’s right. It’s not the camera that makes the picture, it’s the photographer.

This conversation reinforces that when you work your camera in fully manual exposure mode that you, as the¬†photographer, are the one that’s responsible for the¬†photograph. By working in fully manual exposure mode you can create¬†thoughtfully¬†composed photographs that are uniquely yours.

You can give up that responsibility by working in a automatic mode and wind up with pictures that are created more by the camera than by you.

Take responsibility for your pictures

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