Characteristics Of Light – Light As Elements Of Composition.

Characteristics Of Light – Light As Elements Of Composition.

  • A blog post/written thoughts based on conversations with participants during the Intermediate course.

There’s photography an action (“drawing”, “writing”, “recording” “communicating” with light) and then there’s what we do with our camera to make a photograph (camera operation).

Once we know how to operate a camera in a effective way, we can begin to bring our attention and thought process to other elements of our composition.

Characteristics of  light.

Light is our raw material. It’s what we create with. We’ve gotta give it the attention it deserves.

And it deserves a lot of our attention.

Why? Good question!

While the tools of the trade and technique are what we use in the process of creating our work we use tools and technique to we work with a raw material.

While the pots and pans and stoves and ovens all support the cook in the creation of their work, their work is the creation of using food as their raw material. Chefs can describe the characteristics of food using a variety of terms. They understand the sensations caused by the characteristics of the food as individual components and then combine the characteristics of the food to produce an interesting meal.

We ain’t much different as photographers. Our primary tools is a camera. Our raw material is light. We produce photographs.

A cook creates something to eat. We (photographers) create something to see. We all create compositions.

I’ll talk more about this in a future post.

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