Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

A camera used to be something that you had to buy as a distinct item and was intended to be used by a photographer.

Now you get a camera when you buy a cell or smart phone.

Since most everyone has a cell-smart phone, everyone has a camera and if  everyone uses the  camera on their phone, then everyone is a photographer.

Since everyone is a photographer there is an abundance of photographs out there. You can see’ em on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.

There are cameras and photographers everywhere.

What makes the work of one photographer stand out from another?

It’s the photographer.

As photographers, we all use the same tool. A camera.

It’s how you use the camera that  separates you from all the other photographers out there.

When you learn how the camera works and learn the basics of photography and then you apply your thought process to create your photograph you create a photograph that can only be made by you.

Learn to work your camera and learn the basics of photography.

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