The Three Things We Mainly Do With Our Cameras To Create A Photograph

As a photographer I think that  there are three things that we mainly do with our cameras to create a photograph.

We focus light (focusing), we measure light intensity (metering) and we record light onto light  sensitive material (making an exposure).

If you’ve been working your camera in an automatic exposure mode your camera has been doing all or some of these  things for you.

If you want to go beyond point and shoot results and take an active role in the composition of your pictures you should consider of taking your camera off of automatic exposure mode  and learn to control your exposure with metering and by using the manual exposure mode on your camera.

Don’t  have a manual exposure mode? That’s OK. The important thing is  to learn how to work your camera in terms of exposure, focusing and metering  so it does more of what you  want it to do.

Whether you have a manual exposure mode on your camera or not here’s what I think will help you to be a better photographer.

Take out your camera manual and learn all about:

  1. Your focusing modes.
  2. Your exposure modes.
  3. Your metering modes.

Take an active role in composing your pictures.

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