Your Camera. Do You Need A Better One?

An e-mail exchange between a student who is thinking about getting a new camera and myself.

Me: What type of camera are you using?

Student: Canon Rebel xti.  Need to get a better camera. Any recommendations?

Me: Why do you think you need a better camera?

Student: To take better photographs? However, it’s on the bottom of the list right now.

Me: I’m glad it’s at the bottom of the list. Some questions: How will a new camera will hep you make better photographs? Is your current camera limiting you technically? If yes, how? Is your current camera limiting you creatively? If yes, how?

If you’re thinking of getting a new camera ask yourself the questions in the last part of the e-mail exchange.

If you can identify how your camera is limiting you technically or creatively then it may be time to get a new camera.

If you’re not sure how your camera is limiting you technically or creatively then you should keep your camera and learn more about the craft of photography.

Learn more about the craft of photography.

Here’s some advice about buying a camera.

2 thoughts on “Your Camera. Do You Need A Better One?”

  1. I do have a canon Mark II that I hardly used for very few clicks. I bought a mark III
    To find out that it’s pretty much the same camera. I will consider selling the body of the camera

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