Bruce Gilden and Joel Meyerowitz – Street Photographers

My thanks to Dave Mullen for sending me the link to the Bruce Gilden You Tube video.

Bruce Gilden has no reservations about photographing people in public. If nothing else, Mr. Gilden’s approach demonstrates that  there is no privacy in public. He uses flash and does not seem to worry about being noticed.

On the other hand Joel Meyerowitz tries to remain invisible.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Gilden and Joel Meyerowitz – Street Photographers”

    1. Thanks for the comment/opinion, Mr. Acosta.

      And I think that unless we’re paid critics, our opinions and 3 bucks will get us a decent cup of coffee.

      In other words, unless we’re paid critics, our opinions are worthless unless it’s asked for by the photographer seeking the critique.

      Can you give an example of a street photographer whose work you don’t find boring and disconnected?

  1. Thanks for the comment Ken.

    However we approach street photography, as Mr. Gilden and Mr. Meyerowitz demonstrate, it shouldn’t be from a distance with a telephoto lens.

  2. I’ve seen the Gilden video before, but I enjoyed seeing it side-by-side with Meyerowitz. I think through comparing and contrasting their two approaches, each individual can come to their own conclusion on how they want to approach photography on the street.

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