Picture This:How Pictures Work. By Molly Bang

I’ve had this book for quite some time. In fact, my version is titled ‘Picture This: Perception & Composition.

This is an excellent book that shows us visually, according  to the author, “how and why structural elements affect our emotions. This is a ground for understanding and making visual art.”

Using shape and color, Ms. Bang demonstrates the basics of effective two dimensional composition by relating picture structure and feelings.

In one  example,  Ms. Bang  demonstrates picture  structure and emotion by  building the the story of Red Riding Hood visually by  using basic shapes and three colors.

The book continues with other examples that  demonstrate  how shapes, color, and the space between them, when used thoughtfully, can effectively communicate emotion.

This book has been helpful in teaching me that, when it comes  to effective visual communication as a  photographer, less is usually more.

Take a look.

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