Above Average Photographers Make Above Average Photographs

If you’re an average photographer, you’re making photographs in an average way.

The average way of making photographs consists of working in an automatic exposure mode.

An automatic exposure mode, since it picks your exposure settings for you, produces an average exposure and what follows is an average photograph.

An average photograph has been created because, beyond the standard exposure calculated by the camera, the picture lacks the thought process of the photographer.

An above average photographer, on the other hand, works in manual exposure mode and thinks about multiple elements of composition.

Working in manual exposure mode allows you to pick, aperture (f-stop), shutter speed and ISO based on what you think the picture should look like.

Since you are picking your exposure settings based on what you think the picture should look like,  you’ll produce a thoughtful  photograph.

A thoughtful photograph is an above average photograph.

Learn To Be An Above Average Photographer

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