Your Photography, It’s All About You.

Your photograph should be all about what you want as a photographer, not about what you think someone else will like or not like.

If you’ve been making your pictures from the perspective of what someone will like or not like, then you probably haven’t been making pictures that you like.

If you’ve been working your camera in an automatic exposure mode, your camera has been composing pictures for  you. Beyond the basic framing of the content of your photograph, you’ve  been left out (on some level) of  the most important and creative process of  your  picture.

You have  to pick something to focus on. You have to meter so you can evaluate the light that you have to work with. You have  to pick an exposure so you get  the visual information that you want in your photograph.

Yup, your picture is all about you and what  you want your picture to look like.

Make your photographs about you.

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