You Can Work Any Camera

What if you were to borrow someone’s camera because you didn’t bring your camera to an event.

Could you work the camera to make the photographs that you wanted?

You could if you had a good foundation in the basics of photography.

You would dig into the camera settings and change the settings to suit your way of working as a photographer.

You would pick your favorite metering pattern, your favorite focus  mode and area and your favorite exposure mode, which is hopefully manual exposure mode.

After that you might find out how  to change white balance and see how the flash works.

You’d make a few photographs to get acclimated to the camera and then you would get to work.

If you have a good foundation in photography you can work any camera that you have in your hands.

Remember, a camera is simply a tool that records light and all cameras basically do the same thing but they do these things in different ways.

Just as a carpenter can use any hammer as a tool, you should be able to use any camera to make pictures.

Learn the basics of photography

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