Can You Send Me Copies Of The Pictures?

I wouldn’t recommend that you send anyone copies of your work.

Instead, place them in an online gallery and direct people to view them there.

Make sure that the gallery requires some sort of  registration process for people who download your work so you can see who is using your pictures. I use a service called PhotoShelter

I use PhotoShelter  to handle online sales, high resolution file distribution, SEO and more. It’s a great way to attract new clients, show my work professionally, and do business with clients online. I think it’s an integral part of my business and one of the best things that a photographer can use to have an online presence.

You can use the link below to save some money if you decide to sign-up, and I get an account credit too. They also, I believe, have a free trial period.

Learn about the business of photography.

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