The Quickest Way To Make Money With Your Camera Is To…

Sell it or lease it.

If you want to go into business as a photographer, please understand that it requires patience and a mindset that is no different than getting up every day and going to a nine to five job.

First, you’ll need the skills to do the work that you want to do.

If you’ll be self employed, you’ll probably be doing work that pays one-third of the time, the rest of the time you’ll be running the shop. Marketing, advertising, sales, bookkeeping, administration, etc.

Yup, it’s a grind and you’ll probably put in more hours than you put in a a regular nine to five job.

But if you’re a photographer who loves photography enough, the grind is something you view as the stuff you need to do to support the thing that you love to do.

Business of Photography

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