The Pop-Up Flash On Your Camera

Take a look at the top of your camera. You’ll probably find a flash that you can conveniently pop-up with the press of a button.

If you’ve never popped up the flash on your camera, the button is probably located near the top of your camera too. The button is most likely identified by an icon that looks like a lightning bolt with a little arrow on it.

If you’ve used the pop-up flash, you’re probably not too thrilled with the results. Don’t get discouraged or be disappointed

If you understand a little bit about the basics of using flash in your pictures, the pop-up flash on your camera is a way to make your pictures better.

  • You know that picture of someone standing in front of a window who appears as a silhouette? Flash can fix that.
  • Flash appears to freeze motion so you can make photographs in low light at ridiculously slow shutter speeds without a tripod.
  • You can use flash outdoors in bright sunlight to reduce or get rid of shadows on your subject.
  • When you mix flash with available light in different proportions, you can make more interesting pictures by revealing more or less of the environment that your subject is in.

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