Do You Know Your Camera?

Do you know what your camera does and how it does it?

Your camera has many features and does a lot, but in my opinion there are three  primary  things that  you should  know how to do with your camera. You should  know how  to focus, meter and expose.

If  you aren’t  doing  these  things, your camera is  doing  them for you.

If  your camera is doing these  things  for you, your camera is creating  your  photograph and you can’t take full responsibility for the composition of your picture.

Once  you understand how these  things  fit into your process  as a photographer and how to do these  things with your camera  you will be  the one creating  your photograph and you can take  full responsibility for  your  photography.

Once  you start  creating your photographs and take  full responsibility for  your  photography,  you are  beginning on the path of become a more thoughtful and better  photographer.

Learn about your camera by taking one of these two classes:

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