A Good, Bad or Interesting Photograph?

A Good, Bad or Interesting Photograph?

  • A A blog post based on conversations with participants during my photography classes.

Would you rather create a good, bad or interesting photograph?

I imagine that you wouldn’t want to create a bad photograph, so that leaves good and interesting.

Could we intentionally create all three?

The reason for these questions is to get us thinking about how we define and judge photographs. How we judge our photographs and the photographs made by other photographers.

I think that when we see photographs as good or bad we judge based on subjective/personal criteria.

I think that when we see photographs as interesting there is no good or bad judgement based on subjective/personal criteria, instead we are experiencing curiosity and wonder.

We can see photographs as interesting and we can see what we are photographing as interesting.

When it comes to our photography, try to avoid concepts of good and bad. Instead, cultivate the ability of experiencing an interest.

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