Do You Think Your Camera Takes Good Pictures?

When, during the course of a conversation, people mention that their camera “takes good pictures” I suggest that their camera usually has less to do with a good picture than they think.

If cameras took good pictures, wouldn’t they be good pictures all of the time? It’s the person working the camera that’s responsible for the picture.

If the photograph comes out good or bad, assuming the camera is operating correctly, you (the photographer) are ultimately responsible for the photographs you make.

It’s not the equipment as much as it is the photographer. If you gave me a hammer, saw, wood, and some nails I’d probably injure myself. If you gave those things to someone skilled in carpentry you’d get a piece of furniture.

The camera is just a tool.

If you are working our cameras in an auto mode, beyond framing, you are relying on the camera to make the picture for you. This is why, when working in an auto mode, your pictures are hit and miss in terms of what you consider a  “good photograph”.

If you understand how to work your camera in manual mode, you are the one making ALL of the compositional decisions. It’s your individual thought process that makes the picture.

Your mind is the most important thing that you can use when creating a photograph.

Learn to make good pictures.

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