A Discussion Between Two Photographers

While waiting for class to start I overheard two photographers discussing the differences in two cameras that are currently on the market. They both knew their stuff regarding equipment and both were considering “upgrading” their cameras.

I heard words like megapixels, low-pass filter, frame rate and other techno-speak during the talk.

Not once did they mention how the cameras that they were talking about would help them be a better photographer. It seemed that they were more interested getting the latest gear instead of improving their work.

While it’s important to know what your camera does technically, it’s more important to know how the technical specifications of your camera will help to serve your creativity.

More often than not, you don’t need the newest gear to be a better photographer, it’s more useful to work on understanding craft and applying technique.

Work on your technique and craft.

2 thoughts on “A Discussion Between Two Photographers”

  1. I totally agree Sam! I used a 6 megapixels Nikon d40 for years long after it had been surpassed with ‘better’ cameras. Even today this would be perfectly adequate to make great images – especially with a low cost fixed focal length lens.

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