2 thoughts on “Who Cares?”

  1. Sam,
    You really hit on an important item here. Being fairly new to photography I believe I still know so little. The old saying that “The smarter I get the less I know” is so applicable to photography or at least my photography. The one thing I do know is that if I don’t show up prepared to do my best and with the attitude or desire to grow, improve or fix things from my previous shoots then I will fail.
    Every time I step out to shoot, my goal is to improve from the day before. It only has to be one thing, but I want to improve on at least that one.

    Thanks for what you do- it really matters and is thought provoking and inspiring.

    Doug Stroud

    1. I think that were all in the same place when it comes to this Doug.

      We’re either improving craft or were improving our communication through craft.

      The learning never stops.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

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