Business Of Photography — Are You losing Traffic To your Website?

Business Of Photography — Are You losing Traffic To your Website?

    • A blog post/written thoughts based on conversations with participants during the Business Of Photography class.


Your website is your online showroom and maybe even your store, where purchases can be made.

Imagine if you had a brick and mortar store but there are different stores (not yours) carrying your product.

What if when people went to visit your store they were re-routed to another store that carries your product, but this store also was carrying your product? And not only do they offer YOUR product, they can offer your product at lower prices than you and they collected the contact information of the people who were interested in your product. AND THEN they offered the people a similar product as yours  and they would not share the information about the people that are interested in your product with you?

I don’t know about you, but I’d want people to visit MY store.

If ya want traffic to you website, it helps to understand how Google’s search algorithm works and why it’s a good idea to pick carefully where you display your work.

Here’s a good article.


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