Business Of Photography – For Love Or Money

Why not both?

If you want to make money being a professional photographer you’ve got to make your photography a business.

It’s your love for photography that makes you a good photographer.

But do you love photography enough to make it a business?

Amateur photographers say that they love photography too much to make it a business. I think that photographers who say this, don’t love it enough. If they did, they would not pursue photography as something distinct form their “real” job, and they would put a monetary value on their work.

Professional photographers dedicate their lives to photography out of love AND they generate income doing it.

Become a professional photographer

2 comments on “Business Of Photography – For Love Or Money
  1. Valter Schleder says:

    Well said Sam , People don’t realize what really goes in the business of photography, It,s so much more them make pretty Pictures.



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