Histograms. What’s the use?

Additionally, What’s the use of histograms? There is a use, but I don’t find it helpful.

What is the use of histograms The best Washington DC photography classes  

What’s a Histogram?

If I had to guess what was one of the most asked questions about what we see on the back of our cameras when we look at the information display of a created picture has to be about the histogram.

In short, a histogram is a graph that gives us information about the tonality and contrast of our photograph. 

We should be able to display it when seeing pictures on our camera and in photo editing programs.

The horizontal orientation of the graph gives us information about brightness. In many cameras, the left part of the histogram starts at the left black with no detail (0% brightness) the right part ends at white with no detail (100% brightness). 

The vertical orientation tells us how many pixels are a specific brightness.

A histogram also shows the color distribution, usually regarding RGB (Red.Green.Blue). 

What’s the Use of a Histogram?

I understand that we can alter the histogram in photo editing software. 

When we change the histogram, we manipulate tonality and contrast by adjusting the curves to increase and decrease tonality and contrast.

Should We Use the Histogram?

I don’t use the histogram to evaluate my picture or use it to control the image in editing software. 

Learning photography with film has made me a “keep it simple” photographer. 

And my background in news photography also has something to do with that. 

Anyway, I don’t use it at all. 

And while I can understand the value of using them, I prefer to let whatever I get as a picture on whatever light-sensitive material I’m using be the final version of the image. 

There’s no manipulation except for changing file types, from a RAW file to a TIFF or JPEG.

And when it comes to judging my picture? 

I use my picture to judge my picture.

After all, what will I  display? 

The histogram, a graph showing the photograph’s tonal and contrast range, or the created picture?

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What is the use of histograms

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