Unclear Photography Jargon

 Unclear photography jargon has no helpful place in our photography studies and practice.

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Unclear Photography Jargon

Nothing will hinder our photography studies and practice more than when our words are unclear and confusing.

Furthermore, unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to photography jargon.

And how do I know?

Because before I knew better, I used unclear photography jargon too.

How Does Developing a Consistent Visual Vocabulary Help Us?

When I attended classes as part of my photography studies and practice, an excellent teacher began getting me to be clear about which words I used when operating my camera and visualizing and then critiquing my work based on my intended compositions.

Furthermore, the teachers’ guidance was invaluable because words that align and bring together intentional composition, camera operation, and compositional outcome began forming my visual vocabulary, which helped me eliminate unclear photography jargon from my photography studies and practice.

And my visual vocabulary is what I use when creating a photograph.

In short, using a precise visual vocabulary allows for clarity of intent of composition and camera operation.

What Are Some Examples of  Unclear Photography Jargon?

When I think of phrases that I’d consider unclear photography jargon I think of the following:

  • Stopping up and stopping down
  • Opening up, closing down
  • A faster lens or a slower lens

Those are some of the terms we probably hear when photographers talk about photography.

And to me, those terms are unclear, and the meaning of those terms can be taken in different ways.

All of those terms are about exposure.

Furthermore, if we’re talking about exposure, use the word exposure.

For example, more exposure or less exposure.

Increasing exposure or decreasing exposure.

If we want to get more descriptive, we can indicate what part of the exposure we’re discussing.

Aperture, shutter speed, or maybe both.

No unclear photography-related jargon there! Because I know exactly what’s being discussed regarding camera operation and composition.

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Unclear photography jargon

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