Playin’ It Safe With Exposure By Using Bracketing

Playin’ It Safe With Exposure By Using Bracketing

  • A blog post/written thoughts based on conversations with participants during the Introduction To Photography class.

Exposure is a recording of light.

Exposure results in a photograph.

Exposure controls the tonality (brightness) of the photograph.

Bracketing is series of intentional increases and decreases in exposure around the exposure that gives us a standard tonality.

Usually bracketing gives a series of five exposure ranging from -2EV to +2EV (EV = Exposure Value) resulting in a series of the same picture, or similar pictures, of varying exposures and tonalities.

When beginning my studies of photography, the teacher taught us how to bracket. Bracketing showed us how exposure effects tonality, and the teacher suggested it was a way to get a series of different exposures so we could pick which exposure was the “best” exposure.

I did it within the context of the class, but I found bracketing useless outside of the context of class because of the work I was doing.

When I realized that bracketing was useless in the work I was doing, I concentrated my studies and practice on getting the correct/”best” exposure on the first go.

Is bracketing useful? To the photographers who use it yes.

To me? No.

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