Our Stock (Photography) Options – We Gotta Know The Markets

 Our Stock Photography Options – We Gotta Know The Markets –A blog post based on conversations with photographers.

Thinkin’ About Goin’ Pro By Gettin’ Into Stock Photography?

Have you though about makin’ money with your photography? If you are than you’re startin’ to think about goin’ pro. One of the ways we can go pro is by gettin’ into stock photography.

What’s Stock Photography?

Simply put, it’s a segment of the photography industry that involves licensing the use of photographs for the payment of a licensing fee (money). Here, it’s not so simply put but much more thoroughly put. –>

How Can We Become Stock Photographers?

Ya got some pictures that ya own the copyright to? Ya do if ya made the pictures and haven’t given away or sold the copyright. Assuming that ya got some pictures that fit the bill,  find a platform that can display ’em and offer licensing and licensing fee payment.  Probably, doin’ this online is  the easiest way to go.

What Are Our Stock Photography Options ?

There’s Public Domain (PD) stock photography Rights Managed (RM) stock photography and Royalty Free (RF) stock  photography. Specifically,  Public Domain stock photography is free for anyone to use. While Rights Managed stock photography refers to a copyright license that is purchased and allows the one-time use of the photograph as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the photograph for other uses they purchase another license. RM licenses are non-exclusive or exclusive. To put it another way, A RM photograph license limits who gets to use the photograph and how they get to use it. On the other hand, Royalty Free stock photography allows the use of the  photograph in a variety of ways for a single payment.

Which Stock Photography Option Is The Best?

I only know what’s best for me. For that reason, I’ve chosen an RM licensing model.

If ya wanna know what works best for you, ya gotta do some research.


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