If you think that technology will help you be a better photographer then you’ve given control over your photography to the people that want to sell you equipment.

More megapixels, more features, more gadgets, more this, more that.

The people who want to sell you equipment want you to think that there’s always something more in the technology and gadget department to help you to be a better photographer.

If you keep chasing technology you’ll never be happy with your work because you think your work depends on technology.

Your work depends on you. Your camera and technology are simply tools that you use to do your work.

Your camera doesn’t care about your work. Technology doesn’t care either.

What makes you a better photographer is the care that you put into your work and your understanding and application of craft.

Your camera and technology are limited because they lack feeling and imagination.

Your mind is limitless because it can think and has imagination.

Be happy with your work by creating the best pictures that you possibly can by using whatever camera you’ve got and your photography skills.

Instead of depending on technology to help you to be a better photographer, depend on your mind and your skill.

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