Don’t Hate Your Flash…Learn To Use It And Become A Better Photographer

Men in blue  jeans  and  women in colorful skirts whirl on stage during  a  music and dance performance at  the Kutztown Folk Festival. Kutztown Fairgrounds,  Kutztown, PA.  The Kutztown Fair started as a popular military fair 1831 and continued annually for many years. The fair changed over the years  into what is now  primarily an agriculture  fair  that perpetuates Pennsylvania German Culture. (Sam D'Amico) Many good photographers hate to use flash.

  • The flash is either too bright, or too dark, or looks too ‘flashy’.
  • Photographers usually avoid using flash because of their strong aversion to the “look of flash” or because they don’t understand how to use it.

Don’t hate your flash, learn to use it
to make better pictures !!!

  • When you examine flash and view it as what it is, simply another source of light, you’ll understand what your flash is, what it can (and can’t) do, and how to use it when appropriate…
  • When used thoughtfully your flash can be an important element of your composition and can dramatically improve your photograph…
  • Learning to use your flash will make you a more versatile photographer…

Click Here To Learn To Use Your Flash

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