Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses – A blog post based on conversations with participants during my photography classes.


Some lenses are attached permanently to a camera.

Some lenses are separate pieces of equipment that the photographer attaches to a camera body.

Lenses provide exposure (aperture/f-stop), focal length (angle of view, expressed in mm) and perspective to our photographs.

Lenses allow us to create “focus” in our photograph.

Lenses that attach to a camera body should have a mount that is compatible to the camera and, in many cases the lens and the camera  provide an interface with each other for a transfer of of information between the camera body and the lens.

Lenses can focus to infinity but have a minimum focusing distance.

There are zoom lenses (variable focal length) and fixed focal length (prime) lenses.

Zoom lenses usually have a focusing ring and a focal length ring.

Some zoom lenses have a variable aperture throughout the focal length range.

Some zoom lenses have a fixed aperture throughout the focal length range (that’ll cost us more cash)

There are lenses that have a FX (full frame) format

There are lenses that have a DX (digital format).

I would NOT buy a lens from an individual.

I always get a lens from a reputable dealer that backs up their stuff with a warranty.

We can get camera lenses that are made by the same manufacturer as our camera.

We can get camera lenses that are not made by the manufacturer of our camera.These lenses will usually cost us less cash but as long as the mount and interface are compatible with the camera body, why not?

New lenses are usually pretty pricey but we can get some good used ones if we keep our eye out at camera stores. We gotta make sure we get some sort of warranty.

For used lenses and other stuff  I like KEH Camera.



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Camera Lenses

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