I Was Asked A Question About Sports Photography As a Business

Question: “How do I start a sports photography business? I have built up a sizable portfolio of sports photography (spanning years) and get hired occasionally for specific events. Where have you found success in sports photography?”

Answer: While I’m not a “Sports Photographer” I think that whatever type of photographer you describe yourself as, the business of photography is the business of photography, regardless of the type of photography that you do as your “business”.
I’ll lay this out in numbered steps.
1. Be a photographer first
2. Learn about making a living as a “business”.
3. Learn about the specifics of the business of photography.
4. Identify and then show potential clients a body of work that represents the work you think would be of use to them.
5. Charge your clients in a way that allows you to make a living.

Learn About The Business Of Photography

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