A Yellow Canopy Of Trees Over A Country Road During Autumn

A Yellow Canopy Of Trees Over A Country Road During Autumn

Trees  Country Road Autumn



Trees  Country Road Autumn

Tress arching over a country road during autumn form a yellow canopy. A long shutter speed adds an impressionist effect.



A Yellow Canopy Of Trees Over A Country Road During Autumn

About The Photograph

Photographer’s Statement

For the purpose of this discussion, I would characterize the genre(s) of this photograph as impressionistic.

The Backstory

The Process Of Making The Photograph/Overview of the process of composition.

This photograph was made while driving near the Kingston/Woodstock area of New York on a bright sunny day during Autumn.

Because the sun was low in the sky, the objects on the earth were side lit with a direct, intense light.

And as a result of the characteristics of the lights, the canopy of trees that were covering the road,  glowed as the leaves diffused the light that illuminated the road under the canopy.

Seeing and thinking

While seeing a stretch of road that was covered by a canopy of trees I got the impulse to make a photograph. The trees and road seemed to form a glowing tunnel of soft, relatively low-intensity light that opened up to a brighter area of hard, relatively high-intensity light.  I thought that This would make an interesting photograph because of the glowing canopy of yellow trees.

Framing and content

When observing the scene, I decided that using a narrow focal length lens (maybe a 300mm?) seemed appropriate. As a result, I stood a good distance outside the start of the tunnel and filled the vertical frame with nothing but the canopy of trees, road and what was beyond the covered road.


In order to achieve the tonality that I wanted,  I spot metered for brightest yellow leaves that formed the canopy and increased exposure using shutter speed by two stops.


I focused on the branches that crossed the frame horizontally near the middle of the frame.

Additional composition considerations

An intentionally slow shutter speed to blur the picture lending to an impressionistic effect.

The Critique Of The Photograph

Above all, I need to see the final photograph as a result of my process of making the picture. Because when viewed from that perspective I can critique my composition in a useful way.

The Visual

A roadway covered by a glowing canopy of yellow leaves forms a tunnel leading to a brightly lighted area. 

The Psychology

The tunnel represents passage and or transition.

The brighter area represents the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

The blur caused by the slow shutter speed introduces a “dreamy” effect.



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