What You’ll Need For Your Flash Photography Class With Sam D’Amico

Sam teaches two classes that will help you to learn to incorporate the use of flash into your work.

Flash Photography Basics —> https://samdamico.com/flash-photography-basics/

  • A three hour, one meeting basic flash photography class that requires nothing more than the pop-up flash that’s already on your camera and a good understanding of the basics of photography and basic camera operation. This class is excellent for those who want to learn about flash but aren’t sure if purchasing a separate flash unit   is a worthwhile  expense.

Lighting With Portable Flash —> https://samdamico.com/lighting-portable-flash/

  • A twelve hour, three meeting, flash photography class that teaches the basics of flash photography and then expands on the basics to allow the photographer for more creative control of the light emitted by the flash. Weekly homework assignments are given to allow the participants to practically apply what they learn in class to the type of work they do.
    • This class  requires additional equipment. (listed below)
    • Participants should have a good understanding of basic camera operation and should be proficient in working their cameras in manual exposure mode.
  • Required Equipment
    • A dedicated or non-dedicated flash unit that works in automatic flash exposure modes with a head that angles and/or swivels.
    • Power source. (batteries)
    • The full versions of the owners manuals for your flash and camera.
  • Suggested equipment.
    • A synch (synchronization) cord that is compatible with your flash.
  • Suggestion
    • Do not order your equipment online. Take your camera into a camera store and try the flash with your camera to make sure it works.

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