Upcoming Introduction to Photography Classes In Washington, DC.

Upcoming Introduction to Photography Classes In Washington, DC.

Introduction To Photography-April 5 Start-Wedn​esday-1130​am-230pm-A​pr-5-19-26​-May 3

Introduction To Photography-April 6 Start-Thur​sdays-630p​m-930pm-Ap​r-6-20-27-​May-4

Introduction To Photography-April 8 Start-Satu​rdays-10am​-1pm-Apr-8​-22-29-May​-6

  • Learn to work your camera.
  • Learn basic photography.
  • Learn to make better photographs.

By working your camera in fully manual mode throughout the class, you will become thoroughly familiar with basic camera operation and will learn to use your camera settings and features as elements of effective photographic composition. Class includes in-class lectures/discussion, in-class practical application exercises, homework assignments and weekly self-critiques.

Click the link to learn more. https://samdamico.com/introduction-photography-washington-dc-photography-class/

Introduction To Photography classes start monthly.

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